In 1985, first founded as the School for Gifted Youth and enrolled young college students nationwide, with Professor Sun Jingli as director (1985-1989).


In 1989, with the guiding spirit of former State Education Committee of protecting and advancing basic courses, the school changed its name into Department for Intensive Instruction. Professor Sun Jingli(1989-1991), Professor Lu Dexin(1991-2001) and Professor Xu Wang(2001-2006) all served as directors.


In 1998, to further popularize the new kind of education mode and function as an important step taken by Nanjing University during the process of education reform, School of Intensive Instruction in Sciences and Arts was formed, with Professor Lu Dexin as director (1998-2006).


In 2006, to memorize the 100th birthday of Mr Kuang Yaming, an outstanding and famous Marxism theorist, education and sociologist, changed its name to Kuang Yaming Honors School, with Professor Xu Wang as director (2006-2011).