Undergraduate Cultivation

Currently, as the test unit of delivering general education in Nanjing University, Kuang Yaming Honors School has provided enriched instructions in both Science and Applied Arts. In Science (including Math, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biochemistry), the School carries out the National Plan of Training of Outstanding Students in basic subjects. In Applied Arts (including Economics, Business, Law, and Journalism), Kuang Yaming Honors School focuses on the training of future elites in these fields.


First year students in Kuang Yaming Honors School are required to take a common set of general courses of social or natural science. In the second year, they would study core courses by modules. The third year is for specialized courses, and the fourth year is for elective courses, research project and thesis. The School encourages students to select courses in various areas so as to gain experience in interdisciplinary subjects. Based on the principles of “multiple selections, gradual distribution, and balanced approach”, Kuang Yaming Honors School assigns students to groups of related subjects from the third year, and recommends students for admission into Graduate School proceeds according to the university’s regulations. The proportion of admitted Graduate Students from Kuang Yaming Honors School is much higher than other schools and departments in Nanjing University.