Introduction to The Sound and Style of
American English


Course #1
The Music of American Speech
Relaxing The Lips and Front Mouth
Changing The Position of Your Tongue
Creating Speech Impulse in The Rear Tongue
American Vowel Pronunciations
The More Difficult American Consonants
Putting IT All Together


Course #2
Separating The Hard and Soft Vowels
More Vovels and Diphthongs
R-Shaded Vowels
Reviewing Difficult Consonants
New Consonant; New Problems
The Nasal Consonants
Voiced and Voiceless Consonant Pairs
Relaxing after Final Consonants


Course #3
What Are We Going To Do About The "T" ?
Is It S or Z ? Is It T or D ?
Those Crazy Consonant Clusters
Other Colloquial Sloppiness
Intonation and Syllable Stress
Practicing Syllable Stress
Intonation and Stress For Communication